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Almaty has held an important place in the history of Central Asia. This is proven in the plethora of historical artifacts and archaeological findings displayed in Almaty Museums. Research studies have confirmed that the earliest of civilizations inhabited this area from 5th century B.C. onward. There are many Almaty museums that are worth exploring but the most authoritative and impressive museums are:

Central State Museum

This museum houses some of the most credible sources on the evolution of early man in Central Asia. The museum’s most popular exhibit is ‘The Golden Man.’ This exhibit is essentially a well-preserved ancient suit that was probably used for ceremonial purposes and resembles a golden armor. The museum showcases some of the rarest remnants that help to trace Kazakhstan during the Bronze Age. The museum also has some artifacts from the Tsar's era. Other exhibits include native, Kazakh handicraft items and souvenirs like rugs and ancient jewelry used during the Communist era.

  • Location: Furmanov 44, located south to the popular Satpaev junction
  • Hours: Every day, except Tuesdays, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Open-Air Museum

This is a must-visit museum since it provides educational and easy-to-understand tours for the visitors. The museum provides a detailed insight into the lifestyles of the early man and his struggle for existence. The most impressive feature is the group of preserved Sacae mounds that are believed to be the burial grounds used by Almaty’s first-ever occupants.

  • Location: on the outskirts of Almaty, about 70 km south from Esyk

The Museum of Repression

Not a very pleasant museum to visit since its core theme is exhibiting the sufferings of the Kazakh people under the Stalin and the subsequent Soviet regime. However, it should be visited to peek into the history of this beautiful city.

  • Location: 108 Nausyrbaj Batyra

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