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The topic of Almaty Getting There should not make you apprehensive since Kazakhstan has become more accessible in the recent years. Kazakhstan’s reputation as an international tourist destination is increasing and thus, air service to important cities like Almaty is not an issue. Following are the 2 most-commonly used options for reaching Almaty:

Option 1—Reaching Almaty by Air

This is perhaps the easiest way to reach Almaty. Even some low-cost, European carriers have started routing flights toward Kazakhstan. From most European nations, the flight takes about 8 to 10 hours to reach Almaty. Most of the flights arrive in Almaty through prominent, nearby cities like Vienna, Istanbul, Frankfurt and Moscow. Those arriving from the Asian continent need to transit from cities like Ürümqi in China, New Delhi in India or from Islamabad in Pakistan. When flying to Kazakhstan, it is vital to remember that the visa should be obtained before the scheduled arrival. Apart from a small list of nations where Kazakhstan has an international presence in the form of a consulate, international visitors from most counties cannot process their visas at the airport. Previously, furnishing a letter of invitation at a Kazakh Embassy was mandatory but this is no longer needed. 

Option 2—Reaching Almaty by Rail

The rail connectivity is limited to nearby Russian cities like Moscow. The Moscow-to-Almaty rail service is the only dependable long-rail connection that has an international routing, i.e. between Russia and Kazakhstan. Another rail-line extends from Ürümqi in China but this route isn’t the easiest-to-access and getting a confirmed booking here might prove very demanding. The train service originating in Ürümqi is active from Saturday-to-Monday and the tickets have to be bought from the main station itself. This journey is nearly 36-hours long and the stoppages are often longer than the actual schedule.

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