Eating Out in Almaty

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There are only a couple of resturants, if u want to find any indian food,

There is a  place called namaste, which is near the technical college, and then there is a resturant called Govinda's which is run by Iskon , Eating out is a costly affair here, compared to other parts of the world.

Most travelers coming to this far away, exotic destination would probably be interested in local cuisine, which is a mix of Central Asian and Russian dishes.  If you are one of those "be in Rome eat what the Romans do" folks, then Bistro Américain may not be the right place for you.  However, in between your daily deep-fried mutton and fermented cabbage consumption should you have a craving for some healthy selection prepared in accordance with the latest Western culinary trends (use of fresh, wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking styles), then Bistro Américain is the place for you!  It has two types of menu: Nature's Diet and California ones.  Cafe's business lunch (served Monday through Friday at 450 tenge or ~$3.5) consists of vegetarian soups, fresh, mayo-less salads and a choice of one entree.  Dinner is an eclectic mix of dishes one can come across in the San Francisco Bay Area (anything from Chicken Biriyani to Burritos to Chicken and Veggies Chinese Style).  Last but not least, Bistro Américain is the only place in Almaty that serves authentic cheese cake as well as a selection of American and European deserts such as carrot cake, banana bread, brownies, fruit millefeuille, assortment of biscottis and more.  The owners are a mother-and-daughter team.  Svetlana (Mom) is the author of The Art of Health and a designer of Nature's Diet.  Kara (Daughter) is a Kazakh-American who spent most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She brings in the knowledge of California cuisine (she's a fan of Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, Berkeley!), food safety rules (she's a former US FDA analyst) and the American style of business conduct.

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Tropicana & Dublin

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While in Almaty, The Tropicana Restaurant is a must!  Fun, fantastic dining accompanied by cool music and live performers dancing is quite enjoyable!  If you're in the mood for a pint of great tasting Guinness at an almost fully authentic Irish Pub, be sure not to miss out on a great little hot spot named 'Dublin.'  Be sure to tell the owner, "Dre," as I call him, that Tommy from Pittsburgh says "What's Up!?!"

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Kamelot Bar

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There is a chain of bars called Kamelot. One is in the center and the other is in the upper part of the city. There you will have a plenty of choice of beer.

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