Day Trips in Almaty

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Visitors have a vast range of options to consider when planning Almaty Day Trips. Located along the lower edge of the Tienshan Mountains, Almaty has a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it ideal for undertaking day trips. Further, Almaty is regarded as one of the few multicultural cities in Kazakhstan and offers a mix of contemporary and historic sites that can be visited during the daytime. The most popular day-trip options include:

Visiting Koktyube

This is a unique spot in Almaty that offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. Daytime is the ideally suited for taking a trip to Koktyube as the skyline is much clearer and Almaty’s landscape is easier-to-view. Further, reaching Koktyube is a fun-trip in itself since it can be accessed through a cable-car ride only. The ride is slightly rickety but completely safe. The Koktyube Park offers a great opportunity to spend the afternoon strolling in the flower-dense gardens or just lazing around in the thick, green grass. Those who enjoy photography should reach Koktyube by noon time when the view of the nearby mountain range, Zailiysky Alatau, is at its clearest. Finding some snacks to much upon is easy as many local cafes are located around the Park.

  • Directions: Visitors should head toward the cable-car station to reach Koktyube. The cable station is located along the rear alley of Palace of Republic, near Kazakhstan Hotel. The cable-car rides are available until the early part of the evening.

Medeu Ice-skating Rink

This isn’t just another skating rink. The Medeu is among the world’s highest ice rinks, located at an altitude of more than 1600 meters above the sea level. The rink regularly hosts ice-sporting events like skating, ice-hockey and figure-skating. The Medeu Rink also provides an insight into the glory years of the former Soviet Union when Olympic skaters from this part of the world were extremely popular. In terms of expanse also, the Medeu is the second-largest skating rink in the world. Skates can be easily rented and professional help is available for those stepping on ice for the first time.

  • Address: 85 Dostyk Avenue, Office 520
  • Directions: Medeu is easily accessible by either taxi or bus, located just about 30 minutes away from the central part of Almaty.

Panfilov Park

This is one of Almaty’s biggest green spreads, stretching between Qazybek Bi and Gogol. Shaped in a rectangular form, the Park was laid in the latter part of the 19th century. The Panfilov overlooks the Zenkov Cathedral which is among Almaty's rare, surviving buildings of the tsarist-era. The Park gives a glimpse into the history of the former USSR, being named after the Panfilov martyrs. Thus, the Panfilov is also looked upon as a commemorative site that signifies the courage of 28 soldiers from an infantry unit who sacrificed their lives fighting the Nazi armies during 1941. There is a flame that is kept lighted throughout the year to commemorate this effort and that of the soldiers who died during the Civil War of 1920.

  • Directions: Panfilov is a landmark in the city and hence, easily accessible by hiring a taxi. Visitors can also take trolleybuses to reach Panfilov.

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