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Accommodation in Almaty

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Almaty hotels
tend to be a bit pricey; you can expect to find rates that are similar to Moscow and other larger cities. In general, most travelers are pleased with the cleanliness, service and quality of rooms found in Almaty hotels, which are usually priced from $100-$200 per nght. However, you can also find very modern, large hotels that cost up to $5500.

Well Known Chains

If you are looking for a well known, international chain hotel, then the Intercontinental Almaty is a good choice for you. This hotel is part of the Intercontinental Hotel & Resort Chain, which has accommodations all over the world.  the International Almighty has its own on-site health and fitness club, spa, shops, business services and travel services. This hotel is located in Republic Square opposite the Presidential Palace.

The Holiday Inn on Timiryazev Street offers free wireless internet and, as always, a free breakfast buffet. This hotel is considered a good value, and the staff is great if you should have any questions or need help with anything.  Be aware, however, that the rates for the Almaty Holiday Inn are higher than what you would normally pay for the hotel chain.

Stay in the Mountains

The Tay House Hotel, located in the mountains outside the city, offers many restaurants to chose from, and even a spa. This is the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation or long weekend. The Tay House Hotel is very close to Ile-Alatau National Park and the Alma-Arasan Gorge.

Staying in the City Center

A popular hotel choice in the city center is the Almaty-Sapar Regency. This hotel gets rave reviews from its guests, and some of the rooms have fantastic views of the mountains. The Almaty-Sapar Regency offers free breakfast,a very helpful staff, and an excellent in-house restaurant.

If you are looking for a hotel that embodies old world elegance, then you will love the Dostyk Hotel. This hotel caters to those visiting for business or holiday. The Dostyk Hotel is surrounded by gardens, and it is very close to the many embassies and other important buildings found in Almaty. There are 69 rooms available, and the restaurant offers Kazakh, Mediterranean, European and American cuisine.

The Best Eastern Otrar Hotel is much more affordable than the hotels described above, and houses the Tequila Sunrise nightclub and the Mirage casino. The restaurant caters for many events, and is just steps from the central city park. You often find weddings or large celebrations happening at this hotel during your stay.  Most staff members speak English and are happy to help with any questions you may have.


If you wish to stay in an Almaty hotel, you have many choices.   The Hotel Hyatt Regency, a good example of Almaty hotels in general, combines the sophistication of the west with the warmth of the east with and has luxurious amenities along with warm hospitality. The Hotel Kazakhstan features majestic views of the Zailisky Alatau mountains and offers luxury amenities.   The Hotel Hyatt Regency is close to the Exhibition Center in the business district of the city. The Hotel Kazakhstan is very accessible by foot and is a waking distance from museums, parks, theaters and more.   The Hotel Ambassador and the Hotel Astana International Hotel are conveniently located in the city center.

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