7 Day Itinerary in Almaty

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This Almaty itinerary will help you to make the most of your trip to this Kazakh city.

Day 1: Kazakhstan English Language Theatre

You can reach this place through a private taxi. It is the only English language theatre situated in Soviet Central Asia. You can get a glimpse of the English Language theatre classes that are held over here. This theatre is situated on the campus of KIMEP Institute. Embark on your trip early in the morning so that you can also visit the Turgen Gorge on the first day. Tungen Gorge is situated 90km away from the Almatya. Do not forget to carry your camera along with you to capture pictures of the hot springs and waterfalls.

Day 2: Big Almaty Lake and Kolsai Lakes

Almaty Lake is one of the popular mountain lakes situated on the outskirts of Almaty. It is 2510 feet above sea level and is surrounded from all sides by magnificent peaks. Do not spend much time at the Big Almaty Lake as you can then add the Kolsai Lake to your second day tour program. The Kolsai Lake is situated 250kms away from Almaty Lake. It is a collection of several small lakes. You can reach the first lake by car. However, you will have to ride a horse to visit all the lakes. Stay overnight at the small two story houses at Kolsai. You can embark on your third day journey from here.

Day 3: Charyn Canyon

Leave early in the morning from Kolsai to reach the Charyn Canyon. It is situated around 200 km away from Almaty. This canyon is considered to be a miniature version of the Grand Canyon. It is also known as the Valley of Castles. You will need at least one whole day to visit this tourist spot. You can get a glimpse of the historic fossils of fauna almost 300 million years old.

Day 4: Presidential Palace and National Museum

Allocate the fourth day for the Presidential and National Museum. Remember that the interiors of the Presidential Palace are strictly prohibited for tourists. The National Museum is situated just opposite to the Presidential Palace. Opt for the 45 minute guided tour if you understand Russian.

Day 5: Medeu

This is an Olympic sized ice stadium where around 180 records have been created. It is better if you visit this place during winter. Do not forget to carry warm clothing. You can indulge in skating sprees over here. This stadium also houses a mountain water swimming pool below the ice rink.

Day 6: Skiing at Chimbulak

This is a popular ski resort in Almaty. The resort is open from November to May. You can embark on a hiking trip to get an aerial view of the entire city. Wear comfortable shoes if you are planning to go hiking. You can reach Chimbulak via bus from Satpayev and Baitursynuly. Scheduled buses leave at 8 a.m. every day. The lift is out of order on Tuesdays.

Day 7: Shopping at the Green Market

It is also known as the Zelyoni Bazar. You can purchase fresh vegetables and a variety of dairy products over here. The first level has fruits and vegetables whereas the second level has dried fruits, spices and honey. Green Market houses a separate meat section as well. Prices vary on the basis of the season. Do remember to bargain while purchasing.

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