Getting Around in Central Asia

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There are numerous modes of Central Asia transportation available for visitors going there.

Air Travel

The heart of Central Asia is in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Here you will find many flights coming in but, they usually arrive during night time. A good place to arrive is Almaty, Kazakhstan as you can get there from many cities outside Central Asia. You can easily fly to Islamabad and Lahore. Getting to smaller towns and cities by air is difficult due to lack of airports and airstrips. Air travel with in this area is usually by Soviet made biplanes which are quite noisy.

By Train

Central Asia transportation by train is available from Moscow (Kazansky station) and China (Urumqi) allowing you to get to Almaty. Traveling by rail in Uzbekistan can be enjoyable if you get on the Orient Express where the service is nice. There is also a good train in Kazakhstan. Book your own compartment so as not to be uncomfortable in the overcrowded carriages.

By Bus

Buses are the main modes of transport in Central Asia. The best bet is to get an air-conditioned tour bus as most of the places are quite hot. The normal bus companies have services. From China it is faster by bus to Almaty. Bus services are available also from many cities in Pakistan.

Car hire 

This is one good Central Asia transportation method. Getting a good self-drive car depends on how much you are willing to spend. Cars with air conditioning and 4-wheel drive are available. Drivers also are available to drive you around in their own cars. 


Traveling by boat is very common but if you are lucky you may get services in Baku (Azerbaijan) to Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan).

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