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Accommodation in Mazar-i-sharif

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beautiful on earth

beautiful on earth

This place has just opened, so is still having the final touches put on it. Mazar is limited in its foreign accommodation. It seems like everything is either cheap UN housing (with curfew) or local hotel ($$$$). Le Monde seems to have struck a balance between both. There are two rooms that can be converted into dorms for up to 4 people, as well as single and double rooms (with or without own bath). The cooking is western style and the chef/manager, Abdullah, is a funny fellow that trained under an Australian chef. Large garden that promises to be very nice once the grass in put down.

Good for those who don't want to be restricted, but don't want to pay a fortune for the privelage.

March 19, 2006 new by lm (2 points)

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