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pul -e- artaan kabul www.smartphotography.tk

pul -e- artaan kabul www.smartphotography.tk

shahzada Elyaaz

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is located in the Kabul Province, which is in the south-centeral part of the country and under normal circumstances it would be your best place to explore.

Let's get to the point right away: Kabul is a dangerous city in a dangerous country, it should still be considered very much off the beaten track for non-Muslims or westerners. Unless you are a very adventurous traveler you have no business here.  However, the city is not as dangerous for the people of neighboring countries or those from similar Islamic countries. 

The two things on your to-do list in Kabul are: visit the Kabul Museum and the Garden of Babur. Then you will want to make a daytrip to the the Valley of Paghman. Don't count on finding any regular buses.

For transport to other parts your best bet maybe to try to hitch rides with the few ex-pats that still survive. They have jeeps and access to planes and heli's.
Note however that the freedom of movement in all of Afghanistan is subject to permission.


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