Internet Cafes in Herat

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There are more than 10 Net cafe in Herat,

1: Yaser in Gomruk (or Qumandani) Ave. opposit of Mukhaberat Str.

2: one in the crossroad of Ameriat in Welayat Ave.

3: Bahador in Mukhaberat Str.

4: Mowaffaq in Mowaffaq Hotel, in Chawk-e Gulha.

5. the other net cafe is in Baradaran Market. Pay hasar St.

6. Mahtab Internet Cafe. Jaddeh Mahtab (Mahtab St.).

7. Valentine Internet Club. Chawk Gulha (Gulha Sq.) Oposit of Herat Library.

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Negaah Net Cafe

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Negaah Net Cafe is located in Al Mahdi town, a newly established town and express internet services with a bandwidth of up to 2 Mbps.

type:Internet Cafe
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accessibility:8 Am - 9 Pm
address:14 metri bala - Al Mahdi Town
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