Canpro Villa

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Canpro Villa is a newly established secure holistic accommodation and office compound in Kabul.  The villa is neither a traditional guest house nor apartment.  Owned and managed by a Canadian expatriate, formerly a UN Advisor, Canpro Villa offers holistic personalised care, comfortable stylish living accommodation in a cosy environment most suitable for long-termed expatriate residents of Kabul.  Residents have access to the whole four-storied villa including the common dining/living room amenities.  Each room comes with 24/7 internet, cable TV, internal residential phone system, meals, gym facilities, laundry services, room cleaning services, fire-fighting equipment and first aid kits.

Additionally, Canpro Villa also offers two fully outfitted office spaces suitable for a small-sized organisation as well a small conference/training hall.

Call +93(0)773402979 / +93(0)779057640 / +93(0)787312979 or E-mail ( for more detailed information about Canpro Villa.


type:Middle Class
World66 rating:Rate now:
accessibility:Shar-E-Naw District of Kabul
tel:+93(0)773402979 & +93(0)773402979 & +93(0)787312979
CostOfDoubleForANight:USD 140
address:23 Koche Qasabi

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