THAILAND – Same same, but different

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Bamboo scaffolding, knotted aerial lines, hand painted signs or converted plastic bags: The objects photographed in Thailand by Thomas Kalak, the photographer from Munich,  are sometimes unusual, both funny and peculiar, and often mind-boggling. Far from the world of cliches, Kalak finds motifs that complement and enhance the famous image of  the country and simultaneously document the unshakable cheer of the Thai people as true masters of improvisation.

Individually portrayed and objectively documentary photographed, the strange yet commonplace, at least in Thailand, objects and arrangements remind us of the famous »ready-mades« from the beginning of the 20th century. This book is a »must have« for all Thailand enthusiasts, because everyone has seen the collection of items at some time or other, but often not really consciously.

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author:Thomas Kalak

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