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Bangkok, mega-city, economic metropolis and city of 400 temples, can be both fascinating and sometimes nauseating at the same time: loud, dirty and chaotic, then again, there is also a peaceful and reserved side. The illustrated book at hand displays the »Venice of the East« in its contradictory beauty, without over-romanticising the city. Authentic, surprising and bursting with emotion.

Urban identities
Peter Nitsch’s photographs document life on the streets of Bangkok with an individual and virtually intimate look at the city: The central theme is mankind within the urban environment of the metropolis. The pictures show scenes, gestures, characters: an old hairdresser, a frame-maker, a traditional soup kitchen and a lady selling Buddha garlands at night-time. They all go to represent an attempt to preserve a little Thai identity within a continuously globalising city.

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author:Peter Nitsch

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