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There are no Ipoh beaches that you can choose from, but there are a few which are just a few kilometers away from the city center. The city of Ipoh is named after the most poisonous tree in the rainforest. It is situated between Penang and Kuala Lumpur, making it a favorite stop among tourists. There are several attractions in and around the city that are worth exploring, including some of the beaches near the area.

Beaches in Pangkor Island

Although the city is filled with natural wonders like mangroves, rainforests and limestone caves, there are also several beaches near the city, one of which is found in Pangkor Island. Pangkor is approximately 84 kilometers south of Ipoh. To get to Pangkor Island, ride a bus or van in Medan Kidd that will bring you to Jumut port. From the port, there are ferry boats that go to Pangkor Island; the ferry ride is about 30 minutes. Upon arriving at Pangkor Island, you can choose from several beaches located around the island. Unlike the other beach destinations in Malaysia, the beaches in Pangkor are more serene and less frequented by tourists. This island is a fishing village island, so expect to feel the island lifestyle and culture while on the island.

Pasir Bogak Beach

One of the more notable beaches in the island is the Pasir Bogak Beach, which is located just a few kilometers from the town of Pangkor. You can get to the beach via taxi, however, if you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, then rent a bike and peddle your way to the beach. The beach in Pasir Bogak is quite shallow and very crystal clear. The water is calm and the surroundings are serene, making it a suitable beach area for those wanting to just lie down in the sun. You can also rent canoes, snorkeling gear and jet-ski’s for a bit of water sport activity.

There are several accommodations available near Pasir Bogak Beach that cater to different travelers, from camping sites to luxury hotels. There are also several food stalls available that line up along the beach, where you can buy different local dishes and seafood fares.

Teluk Nipah

Another must-see beach in Pangkor Island is Teluk Nipah. This beach is also one of the most popular beaches in Pangkor Island. From the main port in Pangkor, Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay is approximately 20 minutes away. Just like Pasir Bogak, you can do several water sport activities on this beach including diving, kayaking, snorkeling and canoeing. There are also several food establishments near the beach.

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