Bars and Cafes in Asia

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Ipoh bars and cafes are popular destinations of locals, as the city is known for its food and drinks emerging from Indian, Chinese and Malayan influence. An array of cafes and bars are found in the area to serve visitors who come to the city to taste the most touted best drinks and food found in Ipoh.

Foh San-Dim Sum

This well-known cafe opens early and is already bustling with activity even in the mornings. It serves tea and white coffee to early risers and those who usually go on an early exercise or walk. The white coffee is from roasted beans, condensed milk and butter. The most requested food is dim sum and laksa, which a spicy noodle soup is made up of fish paste. Vegetables with seafood is common, like shrimp, crab, squid and fish. Foh-San offers Har Gao and Sio Mai are two exotic, delicious foods you should not miss when you visit this cafe. The egg tart is also mouth-watering when served hot.

Special Dishes

People go to Foh-San to taste their tasty Dim Sum, Sio Mai and Har Gao. Other exotic foods include Chinese specialties like noodle soups and tarts. These go well with the tea and coffee, or any beverage, be it beer or rum.

Affordable Prices

The treat is inexpensive and ranges from RM 45.70 (Malaysian Ringgit) for two persons. This is only around $14. The coffee and ginseng tea is about $1.85 and the Jasmine Pearl Tea is $3.10 only. This is an affordable, early morning brain stimulant. Beverage prices range from $2 to $5.

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