Day Trips in Lusaka

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An up-and-coming tourist city, Lusaka , the capital and largest city of Zambia , located in the southern part of the country, has numerous activities for the day traveler. Attractions include the Agricultural Society Grounds, the Lusaka National & Political Museum and local craft markets. The city is also home to the University of Zambia . The 2 largest shopping malls in Lusaka include the Arcades and the Manda Hill.

The Agricultural Society Grounds

The Zambia Agricultural Show brings together farmers and manufacturers from around the country to advertise their goods. But it also has a music festival, the main tourist attraction. The most popular is type of music is kalinduka , which developed in Zambia during the 1980s. Based on local music styles from the different tribes of the country, kalinduka has replaced traditional instruments with a pounding base and electric guitar. R&B, reggae and rap are also popular, and occasionally folk dancing performances are given by local tribes.]

Lusaka National Museum & Political Museum

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive public buildings in the city, this Zambian cultural history museum tells the story of Zambia in 4 main exhibit sections-- ethnography, witchcraft, history and contemporary art--which portray the work of artists from Zambia 's independence in 1964 to date with contemporary paintings, sculpture and ceramics. Historical and cultural artifacts, including Zambian witchcraft, also available for view. The museum has a library, conference room, and snack shop. Nearby, the Political Museum provides a compelling insight into the political history of the country and of Africa as a whole.

Local Crafts and City Market

Gifts and crafts can be found at Kabwata Cultural Village, the Sunday craft market at Arcades Shopping centre, Kubu Crafts at Manda Hill Shopping Center, and Abbabas House. On the eastern side of Kabelenga Road, the Moore Pottery Factory features beautiful ceramics, bowls, plates, and vases made by local village artists. The last Saturday of every month there is an outstanding craft market in the Kabulonga suburb at the Dutch Reform Church grounds.

Lusaka City Market, a huge 1-roof market place, lies in the center of the city, west from Cairo Road. Housing over 4000 market stalls selling various kinds of products, such as clothes, local art and jewelry, and food, this market is worth visiting for at least a few hours.

Victoria Falls Trip

If you are tired of wandering the city, check out a 2-day scenic trip. On the first day you’ll depart Lusaka for a 6-hour road trip to the Zambezi Sun Hotel, in Livingston . The architecture, design, and food of this 3-star hotel reflect the richness and diversity of the country’s heritage. After breakfast on day 2, take a guided tour of Victoria Falls followed by an afternoon on the African Queen boat.

Check out the capital city’s local magazine, the Lusaka Lowdown, a vault of information on what's happening in town and a publication full of useful ads for local services and products. 


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