Internet Cafes in Livingstone

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Bantum internet Cafe & office Machines Ltd

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We are the most unexpensive internet cafe in zambia. We are equipt with LCD monitors egonomical keyboads, earphone/ mouth piece for skype and MSN, camers for webcams and with all accesible drive on the CPUs. we do add photos from digital cameras onto CDs at a cheaper price. our office is equiped with multifunctional printers and photocopiers to produce a wide variety of work. Not only are we specialised in internet services, we also do other services like spiral binding, Laminating, photocopying, and scanning.

Our services are open to all customers.

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type:Internet Cafe
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accessibility:Broadband connection
address:Unit 15 falls park shopping complex. Livingstone.
price:$1 per 30 minutes.
hours:08:30 to 20:00hrs Throughout the week.

BusiNet Internet Cafe

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10.00-19.00 Sat
10.00-16.00 Sun
Lusaka's Internet Cafe! We offer e-mail access (no account needed, or pick up
your own mail), browsing,chat and plenty of games - on and offline. We also have
secretarial services and training sessions and make

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tel:Lusaka (+260-1) 251666
hours:08.00-19.00 Mon-fri
address:Holiday Inn, Church Road,
Lusaka, Zambia

Cyber cafe international club

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email:From 07:00am 07:00pm


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Leased line with broadband satellite. Very competitive
international telephone and fax.
surf the web, chat or
read/send email or play computer/playstation games.

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price:From US$2.00
hours:weekdays 8am-5pm weekends 9am-1pm
address:Mosi o Tunya Rd, Livingstone,, Zambia

Webhut - Zambia

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price:12 networked computers with the only 64K/DSL connection to the internet - all
PC's are PC clones, in great condition, > dotmatrix
Printer, scanner, webcam, voicemail, CDW, etc. Hot& cold drinks and
sandwichs & specials.
email:9am - 7 pm - Mon - Fri 12 - 6 Saturday/Sunday
hours:$4 per hour - $1.50P6. . Z. for 20 mins

Zulunet Internet Cafe

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Self contained Internet Centre &

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price:from US$3.15
hours:Mon- Fri 8.30- 18.00hrs Sat-8.30-1.00hrs
address:116d Mosi-O-Tunya Rd,
Livingstone, P.O.Box 60964,
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