Getting Around in Livingstone

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Ways to Explore and Enjoy a Visit to Livingstone

From the various Livingstone Transportation options, renting a car is maybe the best one, as it gives you most freedom. Of course, there are other options available. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Car Rental

When renting a car, keep in mind that there are very strict laws for driving in Zambia, so be sure you’re following them if you don’t want to have serious trouble with the local authorities. First of all you should always wear your seatbelt, not only because the law requires it, but also for your own safety, as the roads are bad and full of potholes. While driving, you aren’t allowed to use a mobile phone, smoke, eat or drink – there are serious fines if they catch you doing this. Lastly, make sure that you have two signal triangles as they do routine checks for that too and you may have to pay another fine for their absence. However, if you find it is too complicated to obey all these rules, you’d better hire a car with a driver.


Buses serve mainly Livingstone tourist routes. All of them accurately follow their schedule and are very well-maintained, maybe due to the fact that they are property of private companies. In addition, they are very clean.


Finally, walking around Livingstone is possible too. The streets are safe enough and the city isn’t that big, so you can go anywhere you want, although a bit slow.

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