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Money: While credit cards are accepted at most major hotels in Kampala, most businesses in Uganda operate on a cash-only basis, and only in the local currency. It is easy to find an ATM in Kampala that will accept a Visa debit or credit card.  You can do this at most banks and many petrol stations.  It is best to come to the country with some hard currency, but more money is easily obtained from an ATM.

You will need to exchange your US dollars for Uganda shillings at a forex bureau or bank. Note: it can be difficult to exchange US currency issued prior to 2003 (series 2003), and you will get a poorer exchange rate if you can persuade someone to accept them at all. Check your currency prior to leaving the US. Higher denomination bills such as $50 and $100 get a higher rate of exchange.  Lower denominations are accepted, but you will have  to negotiate an exchange rate. Travelers checks are rarely accepted outside of Kampala.

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The local currency is the Uganda Shilling (UGX)

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