When to Go in Kampala

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When considering your Kampala when to go options, it is a good idea to take a note about the climate, as not every month of the year is suitable for paying a visit to the city. Kampala, like the rest of Southern Uganda, has a typical tropical climate, with two dry and two rainy seasons. However, temperatures are generally a bit lower, since the city is located at a higher altitude. Nights in Kampala are about 10 degrees colder than the days, mainly due to the influence of the nearby Lake Victoria. It is advised to visit the city during one of the dry seasons.

Dry Seasons

The 1st dry season is from December to February, although it is possible for December to remain a rainy month. Average rainfall during this season is between 4cm and 6cm, and temperatures are usually 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. The 2nd dry season is from June to August. Temperatures drop about 3 degrees, thus varying from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius, while precipitation increases up to 8cm per month.

Wet Seasons

The 1st wet season is from March to May. The air gets very humid, especially in the morning. Rainfall levels reach a value of up to 18cm per month and temperatures range from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. The 2nd wet season is from September to November. It’s is more mild. Rainfall levels don’t exceed 12cm per month and temperatures remain in the 25 to 27 degrees interval.

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