Travel Guide in Kampala

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The Kampala Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to the region. Being the capital of Uganda, Kampala witnesses a large footfall of tourists. Read on to find out more about the travel, accommodation and other pointers about Kampala.

Getting There

Kampala does not have an international airport. You will have to fly into the international airport in Entebbe. Several International airlines like Egypt Air, Kenya Airways, Air Uganda, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and the likes fly into this International airport. After you land in Entebbe you can proceed to Kampala by either car or by bus. Check with the hotel you are staying at in Kampala, as most hotels offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off from Entebbe airport. The drive from Entebbe takes about an hour.


Kampala offers several options for the visitors to stay. From high end hotels to resorts and motels, this place has it all. For the backpackers and those on a budget there are several hotels to choose from. The 3-star facility called The Lodge and City Square is a good hotel, whereas The Backpackers and The Red Chilly are apt for backpackers. If you seek luxury then you can pick from Sheraton, The Hotel Golf Course or The Speke Resort.

Getting Around

There are three main ways to travel in Kampala. You can choose from the bodaboda, matatu or something called the special hires. The bodabodas are nothing but motorcycles that will take you to any place in Kampala. The matatu are minibuses that run on fixed routes in Kampala. The "special hires" is the local term for taxis.


Even though Kampala attracts a lot of tourists, the place has restaurants that fit every budget. For the budget-conscious traveler you can trust the street food, which is extremely delicious and has various dishes to choose from. The egg roll known as rolex makes for a great snack. The food court at Garden City is another way to have some inexpensive but filling local dishes. The more expensive restaurants are the ones like Paradise in The Sheraton, the Indian restaurant called Khana Kazana and the Chinese restaurant Fang Fang.


From museums to art galleries, Kampala has several activities and sights to keep the tourists entertained. Venture out to the Uganda Museum and understand the history and the local culture. The Kasubi Tombs, the burial site of the King, is another popular tourist spot. For the art lovers, the Nommo gallery and National Theater offer several artistic performances and paintings. There are several Cathedrals in Kampala that make for an interesting visit.

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