Top 5 Must Do's in Kampala

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Kampala must do’s are numerous and all of them are enjoyable. The capital of Uganda is built on a series of low, rolling hills that gives the city a confusing layout for new visitors. Hiring a guide is recommended for most people.

  1. Uganda Museum

    The Uganda Museum displays the usual assortment of national interests such as natural history, traditional life styles, a thorough showcasing of cultural artifacts as well as weapons and historical notes. Where the museum shows off its talent is the interactive musical display. Ugandan and African musical instruments are available for visitors to play on, and museum workers will give basic lessons on how to play them. A fun must-do in Uganda.
  2. Owino Market

    In old Kampala is a large and confusing market called Owino Market. This market should be visited with a guide who can lead a visitor through the small and crowded roads and help deal with the sometimes aggressive shop owners. The reason to visit the market is that almost anything is for sale there, and for people willing to bargain hard good deals can be had. The thousands of legal and sometimes illegal items for sale are a sight to see for people used to more controlled markets.
  3. Mengo Palace

    The royal residence of the Kabaka, king of Buganda is in the suburbs of Kampala on Mengo Hill. Buganda is the largest minority group in Uganda with a population of 2 million, and are semi-independent. The Buganda king is the figurehead for Uganda, but only has limited power over the Buganda minority; still the cultural aspects of Buganda are respected by most citizens and should be visited. Most Buganda government work is done in the large compound that contains the Buganda Court of Justice and the Buganda Parliament. While some building are off limits, tourists can still visit many buildings and important sites such as the King's coronation site.
  4. Kabaka Lake

    The largest man made lake in Uganda it was started in 1885 and stopped before completion in 1888 due to civil war. At the base of the Mengo and Lubaga hills it is a popular lake for fishing and boating, it is possible to walk around the lake where small children may join tourists asking them questions and offering to sell goods. 
  5. Kasubi Tombs

    The burial ground of the Buganda Kings, the tombs are one of the major must do’s when visiting Kampala. Unfortunately a fire in March 2010 destroyed many of the main buildings and reconstruction has only just begun. Fortunately the inner tombs and several outer buildings still survive. So while it is not as accessible as before it is still possible to visit and see some of the relics of the kings.
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