Things to do in Kampala

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Guests will enjoy many Kampala things to do in the capital city of Uganda. Kampala is known as ‘the city on many hills,’ as it is built on 7 hills.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

This park became a designated World Heritage Site in 1994 to protect its natural beauty. The beautiful Rwenzori Mountains National Park includes the third highest peak mountain in Africa "Mount Margherita," which rises to 5,109 meters. It has great walking routes and climbing peaks similar to those of the Alps. The park can be accessed from Kampala and through Fort Portal, and then through Kasese. An Alexandrine geographer Ptolemy wrote and described the mountains as the “Mountains of the Moon.” This majestic mountainous park includes lovely lakes and waterfalls and glaciers. Guests can enjoy gorilla tracking at a cost of $500 per day, mountain climbing, fishing, bird watching, game viewing, hiking, forest and guided nature walks, which range from $10 to $25 per person, and chimpanzee tracking, from $30 to $90 per day. Visitation fees for the park (for non-residents for 1 day/night) for an adult is $30 and for a child 5 to 15 years of age $15. A child less than 5 years of age will get in for free.

Uganda Museum

The Uganda Museum in Kampala is the largest and oldest museum in Uganda located on Kira Road near the Mulago hospital in Kampala. It displays ethnological and natural-historic exhibitions, along with a fabulous interactive presentation of musical instruments collections. The entrance cost for non-residents to the museum is 3000 Uganda shillings for an adult and 1500 Uganda shillings for a child. Although it varies, the exchange amount for one US dollar is about 1700 shillings.

Kabaka’s Lake

Kabaka’s Lake, built by Kabaka Mwanga from 1885 to 1888, boasts two small islands, and is situated on the nearby city suburbs of Ndeeba. This man-made lake is the largest excavated lake in Africa, and is a popular tourist attraction with the availability of canoe rides and bird watching.

Kabaka’s Palace

Two beautiful large palaces rest on Kabakanjagala Road on Mengo Hill for viewing. A straight road joins the two palaces for only Kabaka’s use, as there was a superstition that he was not to turn any corner on the route.

Bahai Temple

This temple is the only Bahai temple in Africa. It sits in the lovely gardens on top of the Kikaya Hill in Kampala. The temple boasts nine huge doorways, beautiful mosaic tiles and Persian carpets. Guests can enjoy the scenic view from this peaceful place.

Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs, built as a burial ground in 1882, caught fire in March of 2010 destroying the tombs. Plans are in process for the royalty burial site to be rebuilt.

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