Festivals in Kampala

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Although there are different one-time Kampala Festivals held throughout the year, there is only one major annual event and this is the Amukala International Film Festival. The festival was first held in 2004 and had a huge success. The festival focuses on African cinema and gives away the prestigious Golden Impala short film award to directors from East Africa.

Amukala International Film Festival

The Amukala International Film Festival has no steady location. It is spread in many venues throughout the city. The venues are different each year. The main reason for that is the wish of the promoters to increase the popularity of the festival among broadest range of people with various age and interests.

The screening program of the festival is subdivided into 4 categories: contemporary cinema, cinema landmarks, African Panorama and East Africa Focus. The first two categories show the latest international cinema hits, as well as everlasting cinema classics. The African panorama is a category consisting of modern and classic African movies, which are examples for a quality production. The East Africa Focus category concentrates on various local productions of East African directors and is further subdivided into categories by country.

Numerous workshops and seminars are held parallel to the screening program. Their aim is to create a discussion forum among the African filmmaking community, thus becoming a place for directors to exchange experience and share valuable filmmaking know-how.

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