Day Trips in Kampala

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Kampala day trips are exciting. If you happen to visit the capital of Uganda, you will surely be amazed of the many places that you can visit in Kampala. However, to make your day trip memorable, the best place to spend your day is in Jinja, to see for yourself where the river Nile originated.

Day Trip to Jinja

Jinja is located 71 kilometers east from Kampala. However, it can easily be reached by traversing the Jinja-Kampala road which was built to connect the two places in Uganda. You can easily reach the place by driving three to four hours by rented car.

Activities in Jinja

Once you get to the area, you need to visit the Bujagali Falls located within the Mabira Forest reserves, to see where the water from the Nile River, the longest river on Earth, originated. The waterfall is located in the outskirts of town. There is a short hiking trail that guides you from the entrance of the reserve to the waterfalls, as you marvel at the unique flora and fauna that the forest reserve has.

There are other activities that you can do in Bujagali Falls aside from taking a scenic snapshot and hiking along its trails. There are whitewater rafting facilities that are available within the area, where you can have an adventure traversing the 5 great rapids of the waterfalls (which eventually leads to the big tributary of the Nile River).

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