Beaches in Kampala

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The attractive Kampala Beaches of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world, draw the attention of many tourists from all around the globe. Taking a trip from Kampala to the nearby city of Entebbe, you can enjoy sunbathing on one of these beaches:

Munyonyo Beach

Munyonyo Beach is located just 12km away from Kampala and is maintained by the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. Various leisure activities are possible here. For example, you can take a trip to the nearby islands: Bullago and Chimp. You can also hire a speedboat or a canoe, ride a horse, play some paint ball, or go fishing--the possibilities are endless. Helicopter trips are available as well at the nearby resort, and you can also use a large Olympic-sized swimming pool in the resort.

Serena Resort Beach

The Serena Resort Beach is located 15km away from Kampala in the Kigo District. It is part of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort, and access is available only to its guests. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery, and is suitable for various water activities. In addition, here it is possible to play some golf or dock your private boat.

Lutembe Beach

As you continue further away from Kampala, you’ll reach Lutembe Beach. Unlike the other beaches, this one isn’t property of an expensive resort, and access is free. Camping is possible, too. In addition, the Lutembe Beach is an important area for conservation of the White-winged Terns in Uganda, which makes it a place of particular interest for all bird watching enthusiasts.

Nabinonya Beach

Getting closer to Entebbe, about 30km away from Kampala, is the Nabinonya Beach. It is preferred mainly by youths and families, and is sometimes used as a campsite by the Uganda youth soccer team. Nabinonya is a very beautiful beach and has a campsite nearby. Good things about this beach are the numerous cold drink and snack kiosks, which keep you refreshed through the sunny days.

Imperial Beaches

Finally arriving at Entebbe, 37km southwest of Kampala, there are two fine beaches situated very close to each other – Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach. Don’t miss to visit the Botanical Garden on the latter beach. Inside, you’ll have the chance to see many rare birds, exotic trees and plants. Both beaches are excellent for sunbathing and water sport activities.

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Please send me a list of top 30 beaches in Kampala and Mukono

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