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If you are looking for some Kampala Bars and Cafes, you might be interested in checking out the Capital Pub. The pub is located in the notorious Kabalagala district, right between Ggaba Road and Tank Hill Road. The bar is owned by a Swiss emigrant and is undoubtedly the most-visited bar in Kampala and a popular night spot among both international guests and local residents.

At Day

There is nothing special about the bar during the day. It is just a regular pub, where you can have a beer or two, while watching a nice football or rugby game on a wide-screen satellite TV. You can also have a cool refreshing drink, while playing on one of the several pool tables.

At Night

Everything turns upside-down around at night and you will see why this place is the number one bar in Kampala. Capital Pub suddenly gets overcrowded. There are so many people that there is literally not enough space for them to walk past each other. A DJ starts playing music and he plays it so loud that your whole body starts vibrating. Security guards start checking the visitors at the entrance and collect admission fees. This is done, because many of the visitors won’t even buy a drink inside, although drinks are very cheap even for the local standards. It is advisable for men to avoid buying drinks to the ladies at the pub as these ladies are actually call girls.

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