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accommodation in Kampala

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Kampala hotels run from ultra cheap to opulent. There is no shortage of selection in this unique city in Uganda. If you want to converse with the owners of a bed and breakfast or be left to yourself in a large hotel, you will be satisfied in Kampala.

Magnificent View and Romantic Moments

If you want a magnificent view of Lake Victoria go to the Cassia Lodge. The sunsets here are perfect for setting a romantic mood. The relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff add to the charm. Rooms are spacious and the food is good. The Cassia Lodge is a good value for your money in Kampala. The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible.

Boutique Hotel

The Emin Pasha Hotel is a wonderful boutique accommodation in Kampala. The pleasant environment and amazing food make you want to stay an extra week. It is an artistically restored property in a setting of manicured gardens. The rooms are tastefully decorated and clean. Slightly outside the downtown area the air is cleaner and there is less noise. Your night here will not be cheap. Make certain you know what is included in the price of your room so you are not surprised by extra charges at checkout.

Western Chain Hotel

Ah, the luxury of a Sheraton hotel. Sometimes while traveling it is just nice to stay somewhere that feels familiar. Excellently accommodated small rooms are clean and filled with genuine western style comforts. Pillow top mattresses have clean high thread count sheets and fresh duvet covers. Wi-fi is free!  The breakfast of pancakes, waffles and omelets made to order will make you feel at home. Many business people stay here so their pool remains empty most of the time. Try an inexpensive therapeutic foot massage.

Resort and Conference Center

One of the largest hotels in Uganda the Speke Resort and Conference Center in Kampala is a great place to plan an international conference. This huge and modern complex is in a heavenly setting on the edge of Lake Victoria. Amenities are upscale and luxurious. An Olympic size swimming pool, equestrian center (lessons and trail rides) and a 5 star restaurant make it easy to enjoy your stay.


The Buziga Country Resort is a refreshingly quiet hidden retreat outside the noisy chaos of Kampala. Stay in a cozy and quaint cottage. All the staff here is delightful and friendly. Clean and safe, Buziga Country Resort is close to downtown conveniences. You can jump on a bus right outside or walk 15 minutes to Kampala.

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The Lodge

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The Lodge is a small and intimate boutique hotel with just nine rooms. Every three rooms have their own seating lounge, a private kitchen. It is located at Lweza, a 20 minutes drive from Entebbe International Airport, Uganda's major airport and entry point. In harmony with the environment the location of the lodge combines natural elements to give the lodge an authentic African feel. Situated on the spacious grounds, which are home to a wide variety of birdlife and provide a wonderful place to relax and enjoy an afternoon tea as you refresh from the jet lag. more..

type:Middle Class
World66 rating: [rate it]
accessibility:Walkable distance from the Main Road
CostOfDoubleForANight:USD 50
address:Entebbe Road