Kampala Travel Guide

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Peter M

Kampala is just a few miles from Lake Victoria. The town is pleasant enough, although it was damaged in recent times. It has gotten back to its feet, and is alive and kicking again. Kampala has a few interesting sights, mainly the National Museum, Lake Victoria and Kabaka's Palace. See the section about sights for more details.

These days, Kampala even has casinos, nightclubs and fancy restaurants.  Ethnic restaurants are a new commodity in Kampala and now travellers can delight in cuisine such as thai, vietnamese, and ethiopian.  There is a good selection of markets for african trinkets and traditional souveniers.  Unlike many capital cities in Africa, Kampala is quite safe. It also serves as a major travel hub for the region, although many independent travelers are coming overland from Kenya.

A daytrip can be made to Entebbe which was not damaged in the wars, and has a good zoo and botanical garden.

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