Travel Guide in Entebbe

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This Entebbe Travel Guide will help you with all of your traveling needs in Entebbe, which is the capital of Uganda. Now, if you are planning to go on a trip to Entebbe, this guide will enable you to see the city’s attractions. This will also help you maneuver your sightseeing in this foreign city with ease.

Getting In and Around Entebbe

Once you arrive at the Entebbe International Airport, located in Kampala, you just need to take cab to the heart of Entebbe. The taxi cabs usually allow taxi sharing between two or three passengers, and this will cost you less. The trip will take you 30 minutes to reach the heart of the capital. From there, you can hire a boda-boda or motor taxi to get around Entebbe, or you can rent a car.

Places to Stay in Entebbe

Accommodations in Entebbe are available for different types of travelers. There are hotels where budget-conscious travelers can stay such as the Franks Tourists Hostels, which offer rooms from $20 to $40. On the other hand, travelers who want nothing more than to get the best accommodations can stay at the Entebbe Travelers Inn, which offers rooms from $100 to $120.

Places to Eat Out

The accommodation that you choose usually offers both bed and breakfast, but if you want to try local dishes, then you can head off to the Entebbe Flight Motel, which offers a buffet of Ugandan cuisines. However, if you really want to experience what it is like to eat just like the locals do, then head off to the Kitoro market and sample their barbecues. If you like roast pork meat sticks, then you should try the “Masaka Boys,” which is their local term for pork barbecue.

Places to Visit

Entebbe is infamous for its wildlife reserves, so if you are there, you need to make sure that you visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center to see African wildlife. You can also visit the Entebbe Botanical Gardens if you fancy seeing the natural flora of Uganda. If you want to do something unusual, why not rent a boat and go to the Ngamba Island or the Sesse Island instead?

Where To Shop

Kitoro is the best place to shop and mingle with the locals. You can buy foods and second-hand clothes here cheaper than anywhere else. Be ready to haggle with the local shop owners, too, and get good value for your money.

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