Top 5 Must Do's in Entebbe

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The small town of Entebbe in Uganda may be quiet and unassuming, but there is much to be uncovered despite its small size. Entebbe is of particular importance to Uganda in terms of government and the field of size, and is definitely worth a visit for any tourist to the country. Here are the top 5 Entebbe Must Do's.

1. See the International Airport

Strange as it may seem, the International Airport is definitely worth a visit. For those coming in from other parts of the country, the airport may not be the first destination. However, the airport is known for Operation Entebbe, the infamous 1976 counter-terrorist rescue mission carried out by the Israeli Defence Force in response to the hijacking of an Air France flight. The raid was subsequently a subject of many films and literature, and the scene of the incident is definitely worth a visit.

2. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Mostly known among academics, the Botanical Gardens is home of one of the most diverse mixes of flora and fauna in all of Africa. Guides are available at the entrance to guide tourists, but do be very careful - most of them are very aggressive due to the intense competition. The Gardens are divided into zones, and visitors can experience and spot some of Uganda's best known animals and trees.

3. Ride a Boda-Boda

A boda-boda is the main transportation of the local people, and is equivalent to a motorcycle cab. With the traffic congestion problem in the city, alternative forms of transport were sought, and the outcome was the boda-boda. With government efforts paving the way for large and smoother roads, the traffic problem has been alleviated slightly, but this form of transport remains. Be very careful in riding this vehicle, though; safety is not paramount to many of these drivers, so be sure to insist upon a helmet and keeping to the speed limit.

4. Go to the State House

Although unassuming, Entebbe was once the seat of government for the Protectorate of Uganda in the pre-independence days. Now it houses the State House - the home of the President of Uganda. Go in the evenings when the colonial architecture can be seen in its greatest and fullest glory against the orange glow of the setting sun.

5. Go Trekking

Trekking is a popular activity here, especially among the wealthier locals and the sizable German expatriate population. Rainforest and parks are always a good choice for avid trekkers. Those looking for something less strenuous can look to Lake Victoria as a good alternative. The city is located just next to the Lake, so it wouldn't be too hard to find and spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon stroll there.

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