Things to Do in Entebbe

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Many of the most popular Entebbe things to do are outdoors and include enjoying the flora, fauna and adjacent Lake Victoria.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are just a few miles from the airport and are a great place to unwind after arriving. The gardens boast 100 acres of land bordering a one-mile stretch of Lake Victoria with over 300 species of plants from a variety of climates.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Not far from the gardens is the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), a facility focused on the rehabilitation of injured and rescued animals and education to the public about wildlife conservation. Entrance is about USD $10 per foreign adult and there are over 200 animals all housed in spacious, open-air enclosures that simulate each animal’s natural habitat. UWEC also offers on-site budget accommodations for those who want to wake up to the lion’s roar.

Beaches and Resorts

There are many beaches and a few resorts in Entebbe that provide any visitor, local or foreign, with a perfect place to relax by the lake or pool. Imperial Resort Beach is one of the oldest and most beautiful beaches in Entebbe and sits within arm’s reach of a five-star resort hotel of the same name. The most popular beach is Lido Beach, while next door Peniel Beach is owned by the mayor and is an excellent place for wedding receptions. Aero Beach is scattered with old airplanes, making it a unique and interesting sight. Lake Victoria Hotel, renovated in 2008, boasts restaurants and bars, and along with the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, offers use of its large swimming pool to non-guests for just a few US dollars. 

Kitooro Trading Center

No visit to Entebbe is complete without experiencing the Kitooro Trading Center, Entebbe’s downtown marketplace where food, clothes, cutlery, and a variety of other goods can be purchased. Tuesdays are the busiest days and hold opportunities for the best deals, but any day is open for enjoying a beer or some grilled chicken at one of the many bufunda, or pubs, that are scattered throughout the marketplace. 

Nearby Islands

Two easily accessible and relatively popular islands on Lake Victoria are the Ssese Islands Archipelago and Ngamba Island. The Ssese Islands offer two main islands for tourist use, Buggala and Bukasa, and are rural island getaways for the hearty traveler. Ngamba Island is Uganda’s newest sanctuary for rescued and orphaned chimpanzees. Visits to this island can be single-day, multi-day, or many weeks and all require reservations.

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