Sights in Entebbe

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The ancient city of Entebbe is a magnet for travelers from all over the world. Among the best Entebbe sights are the Botanical Gardens, Ngamba Island and Lake Victoria - if you're prepared to travel a little farther afield.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

This picturesque park of tall trees was once the film set used for the Tarzan movie. It is home to numerous species of rare birds and colobus monkeys. This is one of the city's most relaxed spots and its beauty will delight all the senses.

Ngamba Island

This chimpanzee sanctuary set up in 1998 by the Conservation Breeding Specialists Group (CBSG) is a must-see and a must-do. A naturally stunning location, the sanctuary is a safe home that allows the chimpanzees a certain degree of freedom within their habitat. Over 5,000 chimpanzees are slaughtered by poachers each year so Ngamba Island serves a special moral purpose as well as being one of the most impressive of Entebbe sights.

Lake Victoria - a Great Excursion

Most travelers come to this part of the world to see the magnificent Lake Victoria upon whose shores Entebbe stands. There are many activities that one can do on the lake, including swimming and watching the sun set with a cold Nile beer. This experience has been remarked upon as being one of the best tourist activities one can do in the whole of the continent of Africa. Those who are more adventurous might fancy taking a busy and jam-packed ferry trip across it to the Sesse Islands which travelers have reported is not unlike going back in time. For anyone seeking spiritual edification and real remoteness, these islands are a necessity and one of the best Entebbe sights available. Arriving on the first island, you'll drive along the dusty dirt road shaded by the jungle canopy. You may be greeted by monkeys and other animals so keep a look out for them. If you want to go the whole mile and stay on the islands, you'll be roughing it because there is no electricity available in any of the hotels.

Entebbe Wildlife Education Center

For those who really love wildlife and want to understand it that much better, this former zoo is a must. The enormous size of the Center almost makes one feel as if one is going on a safari and the emus that wander completely freely are a real draw to all travelers whatever their tastes might be.

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