Shopping in Entebbe

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Entebbe is the located in the country of Uganda. Like many African nations, Entebbe Shopping consists of open-air and hypermarkets. 

Kitoro Market

Kitoro Market is a bazaar in Entebbe that sells women’s clothing and vegetables. Tuesday is the market’s busiest day and the majority of the vendors are open. Kitoro is famous among tourists for being the market people go when they want to experience Ugandan culture first-hand. A shopper entering the market can start by picking up a cup of coffee from one of the stands for energy. While drinking the coffee, the shopper can tour the stalls. The shopper can see batik wall hangings, cultural dresses, carved wooden animals and vegetables. If the tourist is on a limited budget and if their hotel allows cooking, he or she can save money cooking food from the Kitoro Market. 

Uchumi Market

Uchumi Market is a free-standing market that acts like a regular supermarket. When you enter the store, a patron can buy food, wine, and small souvenirs. While not an outdoor market or mall, this smaller store sells handcrafted items from local artisans.  People looking for something different will find it in the Uchumi. One of the more interesting things in this store is that it sells international newspapers. People looking for a New York Times can find it here. People can enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up on the news back home.

Garden City Complex

The Garden City Complex functions similarly to a Western mall. The first level of the complex can be rented out for events. People can park in the garage as it has 500 spaces in a secure lot. The second floor is where the stores are located. The shopkeepers sell clothes, leather goods, wine, and other food items. These goods are African, English, and Peruvian. People can also visit a spa when coming to the Complex. The spa offers facials, manicures, and massages for patrons. During a shopping trip, the visitor can enter the first floor and buy a shake from the health bar, then look around the stores. They might choose to go Woolworth's and buy a suit or stop at a neighboring shop to look a wallet. After they stop shopping they can end their day in the spa getting a massage. The interior is decorated with aquariums giving the visitor something to watch while shopping. 

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