Getting Around in Entebbe

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Entebbe transportation brings you to even the most remote areas of Entebbe. The transportation transfers you within the city, or from the city of Entebbe to its neighboring places. You'll have the safest and the best tour by using the economical transportation in Entebbe. Entebbe is a city in the Lake Shore of Uganda.


Boda-boda, or the Motorcycle Taxi, is the most convenient way of getting around Entebbe. Boda-boda is among the causes of accidents in Uganda, so it is suggested for you to hire a taxi from a trusted individual. You can get a recommendation from friends or colleagues, who can suggest a good and safe Boda-boda to use. Boda-boda takes you to any place in Entebbe at a good price.


Taxi is a mode of transportation that you can use when you travel around the city. The taxi stand in Entebbe is found in the Kitoro area. If you are planning to go to Kampala, you can use this taxi. It will take you all day long to travel from Entebbe to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. There is also a taxi stand in the airport and in Nakiwogo. A taxi from the airport to anywhere in Entebbe costs no more than US$10. If you know where you are heading to and you have local currency, you can pay as little as Ushs15,000. It is recommended for you to have your money exchanged before you go out of the airport so you can pay less.

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