When to Go in Tunisia

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The Best Season to Experience the Dunes and Beaches in Tunisia

This Tunisia when to go guide will help you pick the right travel dates. Tunisia is located at the northernmost tip of Africa. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the north and the east of Tunisia, so it is a perfect beach side destination. Other than sunny beaches, Tunisia is also popular for its culture and extreme landscapes from deserts to lush green forests.

General Climatic Overview

The climate in Tunisia varies according to the region. In the northern part of Tunisia, the climate is predominantly Mediterranean. October to May is the months that are least favorable for the tourists. The area experiences rain during this period, so it is not the best time for sightseeing. The weather towards the south is dry and warm. The summer temperature is high and goes to 28 degree Celsius. Along the coast, the average summer temperature is around 33 degree Celsius; in January, the temperature can be as low as 7 degrees Celsius.

Best Time to Visit

Given the weather conditions and the range of activities, March to June and September to October are the best months to visit Tunisia. The former period witnesses spring, when Tunisia is warm but not scorching hot. The latter months experience autumn and are perfect to take in the natural beauty of the region. This is also the right time to see the sand dunes as the summer heat will not permit you to visit the dunes. The month of November offers several traditional festivals in this region to mark the completion of the date harvesting season.


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