When to Go in Tunis

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Christina Tilicki

When to go to Tunis is a question you need to consider when planning your vacation. Tunis offers something in every month of the year. Depending on what you are interested in as well as whether your preference with crowds and climate, different months offer different activities and attractions for tourists and locals.

January - March

The coldest months of the year with temperatures averaging in the thirties and forties, these winter and spring months are very rainy. If you're planning on venturing outside to visit archaeological ruins and sites, the beginning of the year might not be the best time to visit. Perfect if you're planning on spending time indoors shopping and visiting museums and other historic sites, this time of the year isn't very touristy.

June - July

The hottest months of the year in Tunis, there is little to no rain and the sun is at it's brightest and hottest shining at it's maximum of ten hours a day. Occasionally you will be lucky enough to catch a cooling sea breeze but more often than not, you will run into the hot sirocco winds (hot deserts winds). Being that it is such a sweltering month, you might want to reconsider traveling during this time as traveling to sights such as the ancient ruins may get miserable as you're standing directly in the sun.

August - September

If a solitary, quiet vacation is what is most important to you traveling to Tunisia in the month of August to September  will be your best time to travel. Temperatures average between sixty and seventy degrees Fahrenheit as the hot summer season is just winding down. If you're interested in learning about the Muslim religion (98% of the population is Sunni Muslim) this is also a great time to come. You can observe and participate in religious practices and traditions which is an excellent way to experience the core values of a culture.

October - January

After the Ramadan holiday, the country is bustling with festivals and celebrations. Following the quiet month of August to September, October and November are two months of preparation for the festivals that take place in December and January. If you're wanting to experience the culture and traditions of this country both religious and not, December and January are the best months to visit. These winter months can get cold and rainy with temperatures averaging thirty to fifty degrees Fahrenheit so pack accordingly.

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