Things to do in Tunis

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Tunis is the eclectic capital of Tunisia. Divided into the historical section and the modern Ville Nouvelle, Tunis has something for everyone. Families, couples, groups, and even solo travelers will find that Tunis has things to do for all tastes and stages of life. Here are just a few great activities that you can enjoy during your vacation in Tunis.

Dar Ben Abdallah

This spectacular palace, built in the 1700s, is not only a building with amazing architecture to enjoy; it is also a very informative folk museum, delving into the complex local culture of the area. The museum is made up of 3 detailed sections, the women's area, which explains the role of women in traditional society and the activities which they carried out; the men's area, which explores the daily lives of men and how they were expected to be successful in the culture; and the wedding section.

Restaurant Carcassone

For an extremely quality taste of inexpensive Tunisian food, Restaurant Carcassone is the place to go. The amount of food they serve you for such a low price is unbelievable. Basically everything on the menu is highly recommended, from the melt-in-your-mouth couscous to the savory steaks. Many locals hang out at this restaurant, and backpackers are a common sight as well.


Medina is the famous historic area of Tunis. It is worth a visit if only to see the remains of buildings constructed by the various empires that controlled the area throughout history, including the Romans, the Ottomans, and the Phoenicians. You can also wander through the huge shopping center and find great bargains on carpets, perfumes, pottery, and a variety of little souvenirs. Berber jewelry is a well known specialty in Medina, it can be quite expensive, but the quality and craftsmanship are excellent.

La Marsa Beach

La Marsa is one of the nicest and safest beaches in Tunis. Located in a northern suburb of the city, the entire area is classy. The calm, turquoise water and the clean, golden sand is irresistible for beach lovers of all ages.

Tea Houses

Mint tea is a Tunisian specialty not to be missed. Go to any of the tea houses in Tunis and you're assured some delicious mint tea and  interesting conversation with the locals. The best place to get mint tea is a Moorish cafe with an amazing view of the Gulf of Tunis called Cafe Chaabane. It is a bit far for tea, being located in the suburb of Sidi Bou Said, but the incredible view and relaxing atmosphere are worth it.

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