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When traveling, picking up a few souvenirs is always a must and in Tunis, shopping is incredibly easy. The capital of Tunisia, Tunis isn't known for it's large multi-level shopping malls and centers featuring designer brands. Rather, Tunis is the place to go in this country for local arts and crafts, fresh traditional Tunisian food and countless other novelties. Because the majority of shopping in Tunis is done in outdoor markets and shops, the vendors are all locals, selling their own crafts, art and food. As is common for most vendors, prices are usually nearly double their worth and every price is negotiable.

The Souks

Just outside the city is a collection of Artisan shops known simply as The Souks (Arabic for "market"). If local handicrafts and art is what you're seeking, this area is where you want to go. Among these shops and carts, you can find absolutely everything such as local art, hand-woven carpets, woodwork, woven goods, pottery and ceramics, leather work, brass, copper and tin creations, kitchen articles, jewelry and much, much more. Open seven days a week, you can find the best of Mediterranean gifts for you and your family at this diverse outdoor market.

The Central Market

If you're traveling for an extended period of time and want to stock up on some great local food, make a stop at the Central Market. Established in the nineteenth century, the Central Market is the place locals go to buy tasty cheeses, fresh bread, local olives and pickles, fruits and vegetables as well as handmade baskets which are great as gifts.

Tunisia Court

A village-like shopping center styled after classic Tunisian coastal cities, the main court is home to countless shops, both local and designer. The real treasure in shopping at this mall isn't the shops and traditional Tunisian cuisine, but the fantastic architecture. Modeled after the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, this smaller version is just as artistically appealing as the original.

Tunis City Mall

The Tunis City Mall is the largest shopping mall in Tunis, spanning over twelve thousand square feet. Opened in 2005, Tunis City is located on the outskirts of Tunis, just after the Ennahli National Park. Housing over eighty brand-name outlets, eight fast-food locations with a food court seating six hundred and two restaurants, Tunis City is the place to go for a typical shopping trip.

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