Getting Around in Tunis

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There are several modes of transportation in Tunisia. They vary from walking, driving, taxis and flight.

Driving in Tunis

One common option is driving, but it can be a sightseeing adventure. Many of the people seem to be unconscious about their safety in driving and you may see many unsafe and banged up vehicles, not to mention a few traffic jams. There are car rental facilities to rent vehicles, but some request that you rent a driver as well.

The Tunis Metro

Another form of transportation that may be a little safer is the Tunis Metro. The Tunis Metro is an above ground tramway system. Tickets are very reasonable and could be excellent ways for the out-of-towner to sight see on their way to their destination. The only problem is that if you are not conscious of your stop you may pass it. The stops are not very clearly marked. You can use the Trams and train systems to see great things in and out of the city, such as Museums or Carthage.


The most developed mode of transportation is use of a taxi, but be sure they turn on the meter to track your actual driving expense, or your wallet could be sorry. If you don’t need to cover a long distance, the best way and probably the most beneficial way would be to walk. There are many things to see on the way!

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