Festivals in Tunis

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Festivals are one of the best ways to experience the culture of a country and in Tunis, festivals are numerous and exciting. With a large variety of these exhibitions ranging from religious to purely entertaining, visiting Tunis when one of these festivals is going on is a wise idea.

Saharian Festival

Scattered along the outskirts of this city are the large dunes that make up the entrance to the Sahara desert, and have special meaning to Tunisians. The festival allows tourists to observe the desert traditions that are so special to these people, folk art and customs. Usually scheduled throughout December and January, this festival is chock full of traditions and culture, and is worth observing.

Medina Festival

One of the best displays of Tunisian culture is the Medina Festival. Celebrated each year during the thirty days of Ramadan (August 11th - September 10th), the Medina Festival offers a wide range of Western as well as Arabic entertainment. The main location of this festival is the Tunis Municipal Theater, although there are a number of performances and events held outside. Rich in the religious customs and cultural traditions of this country, this is another festival that is a must for those seeking cultural diversity.

Children's Cultural Festival

Throughout the country, Tunisian children mark the start of their winter break with the Children's Cultural Festival. Held December 18-27th, the festival is based out of Tunis, though other festivals of the like are being held in other cities as well. For children who have done nothing but study non-stop in the prior months, the festival gives these children a chance to kick back and enjoy life. The festival hosts a number of theatrical productions, music, cinemas, and artistic activities such as painting and literary readings. Attracting children from a number of neighboring villages, this is a great festival to visit if traveling with children as they not only get to experience another culture, they also get to participate in the activities.

Mediterranean Guitar Festival

Held in March every year, the Mediterranean Guitar Festival features performances by renowned and talented acoustic musicians from Tunisia as well as other countries such as France. Taking place at multiple locations throughout Tunis, this is a festival to visit if you're interested in stringed instruments ranging from acoustic to rock music.

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