Budget Travel Ideas in Tunis

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When you put together a Tunis Budget Travel plan, it ensures that you will see so much more of this incredible city. Tunis is considered a very traveler-friendly place to visit. A trip to Tunis will not break your bank account yet at the same time traveling here will be well worth it. So many aspects of Tunis are monetarily inexpensive. One of the best things Tunis has to offer is its location. Being right on the coastline allows you to choose from several means of transportation to get there. Then you can determine from several options of entertainment that will allow you to have the time of your life with little financial worry.

Airlines and Ocean Cruises Travel Fares

The best way to save on traveling fares would be to plan your vacation well in advance. By doing that you can get a discount for advanced booking. For airline flights you could sign up with a less known company but you will probably have more transferring flights and downtime in airports. Out-of-season flights is another way to put more money in your pocket for other things. Ocean cruises have lower costs for the less extravagant cabins. Also, cruises usually have holiday or off-season reduced fares. Once again, if you can get a smaller cruise line the chances are their rates will be lower--but remember amenities are a bit less plush, also.

Hotels and Hostels   

In choosing where you will stay at while in Tunis can really help out in saving money. There are some less expensive hotels in Tunis such as Le Pacha, Le Diplomat and the Hotel de Parc Tunis. If you want to save even more while getting a chance to be more involved in the day-to-day life of the natives, a hostel is for you.  The Tunis Auberge Medina and the Blue Oasis Guest House may be good choices.  

Attractions in Tunis

While keeping your trip on a budget you don’t have to quench the amount of fun you will have here. The city is filled with amazing opportunities to bring joy to your vacation. The medina and souks have hundreds of open stalls with all kinds of merchandise that you can haggle to obtain for low cost. Also the city has an inexpensive opera house which is open year round hosting top theatrical plays. Your hotel manager will be able to set you up for a dramatic tour of the Carthage ruins, which should be able to fit in your budget. Parks and attractive walkways allow for a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.  


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