Beaches in Tunis

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Taking into consideration the spectacular location of Tunis on the Mediterranean Sea, one can only assume that the city is blessed with some incredible beaches. This assumption is correct; all along the coast you will find vast, golden, sandy beaches that are, surprisingly, not overrun by tourists. The salty, warm, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are perfect for swimming and doing all kinds of water sports. Along the beaches are tiny shops and restaurants, displaying evidence of Tunisia's French colonial past. On the beaches you just have to be wary of people becoming too friendly and trying to mooch off of you or even rob you.

La Marsa

La marsa is one of the best and safest beach areas to go to. Located alongside a middle to upper class neighborhood in northern Tunis, La Marsa is known for its lack of bothersome thieves and con men. The sand is golden and the water is calm and clear. It is an excellent place for swimming and water sports, perfect for families. If you get tired of the sun, you can check out all the shops and restaurants along the beach.

Carthage Beach and Sidi Bou Said Beach

Carthage Beach is a long, unspoiled stretch of beach about 18 kilometers from Tunis. Scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, and snorkeling are all excellent activities to try. Swimming, sunbathing, and playing in the sand are also fun things to do. Sidi Bou Said is a small village along the Carthage Coast. It is known for being a hub of artists and musicians due to its inspiring beauty. The houses and stores are white with detailed metalwork and blue doors and windows. The beach in front of this village is a particularly picturesque location. Carthage Beach is close to the Carthage ruins as well, and there are concerts in the amphitheater during summer.

Raf Raf Beach

This beach is said to be the most beautiful in all of Tunisia. When you approach the beach from a road winding through the mountains, the view is gorgeous. Very popular with locals, Raf Raf Beach is close to horseback riding and camel riding stations and has paragliding, scuba diving, and windsurfing opportunities. The beach is excellent for families, like the majority of beaches near Tunis. Swimming and snorkeling are perfect there due to the clarity of the turquoise water.

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