7 Day Itinerary in Tunis

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Christina Tilicki

Having a game plan when traveling is always a good idea and a Tunis itinerary is something that is definitely important as it is very easy to get lost in this capitol city. Assuming you will be in Tunis for an average of a week, a seven-day plan of what do do and where to visit is a great start.

Day One - Visiting the Roman Runis

The Dougga is a Roman city a short drive southwest of Tunis. One of the biggest and most complete Roman ruins in Africa, the ruins is a great place to experience the history of this region while enjoying the amazing views of the surrounding countryside.

Day Two - A Day at the Beach

Tunis is situated directly on the Mediterranan sea and it would be a terrible waste if you didn't spend a day basking in the warm sun and taking a dip in the sparkling waters. Considered by locals as the best beach in Tunis, a day at La Marsa is something you wont want to miss.

Day Three - Shopping in The Souks

The main form of shopping in Tunis is shopping through The Souks, also known as the medina. A series of outdoor shops, carts and stalls, local vendors sell everything from carpets, clothing, pottery, jewelry and much, much more.

Day Four - Visiting Museums

A trip to Tunis would be incomplete without a visit to The Bardo. A museum situated in a stunning seventeenth century palace, the architecture alone is worth the visit. The Bardo is home to the finest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The National Museum of Carthage exhibits fine displays of Roman, Arab and Punic collections, three libraries, ceramics and much more, this museum displays the culture of this region beautifully.

Day Five - A Tour of the Mediterranean

Tunis is one of a number of major port cities on the Mediterranean Sea. There are a number of charter companies and boat tours available that last anywhere from an afternoon to a two week cruise. A day trip touring the surrounding coastlines is a great way to explore the Mediterranean and a perfect way to spend the day.

Day Six - Visit the Sahara

Located on the edge of the Sahara desert, Tunis is a perfect city to start a short excursion into the Sahara. There are countless safaris and day trips that take you into the desert. Exploring this massive natural wonder is something you will certainly want to experience.

Day Seven - Dah Dah Amusement Park

If you're traveling with children, a great way to wrap up your drip is to make a trip to the Dah Dah Amusement Park. Entry is free but you pay for the rides and are sure to have a blast. Also home to bowling alleys, there is something to please every family member at this spot.

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