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This Tunis travel guide will help you make the most of your trip to this African city. Tunis is divided into 2 parts - the old city, also known as the Medina and the new city, known in French as Ville Nouvelle. The Medina has numerous tangled streets that are crowded with people buying and selling goods. Things are always in a state of chaos and the scent of sweat and spices fills these streets. Ville Nouvelle, on the other hand is a contrast to Medina with its wide straight line streets. Trees line the streets of Ville Nouvelle and you will always find people strolling here in the evenings.

Even though Tunis is located on the coastline, it does not have as many beaches as you would expect. However, it does not mean that the city does not offer tourists a good time. There are quite a few attractions; most of them being architectural structures that tourists can visit. Some of the best attractions are located outside the city.

Tourist Attractions

Bardo Museum is one of the must-visit places in Tunis. The museum is world-famous for its large collection of Roman mosaics. It also includes exhibits from many Roman eras, Sousse , Mahdia, Carthage and also objects from the old and new Arabic culture. The Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul is another major attraction. This neo-Romanesque style building was built in 1882 and is the largest building that has survived from the city’s colonial era. Tourists can visit the Bab el Bahr, the Gate to the Sea on Avenue de France. Tourists should also visit the Zitouna Mosque, which is the largest in Tunisia . Built in the 8th century, the mosque is surrounded by souks on 3 sides that are good for exploration. For a quite relaxing time, visit the La Marsa Beach.

Eating Out

Like most tourist destinations, Tunis has many bars and restaurants where tourists can enjoy themselves. Of the many bars in the city, Bar Jamaica is one of the most popular places. It is small but a great place to unwind, thanks to good music, mix of visitors and scenic views. Another good place to visit is the Piano Bar. However, it is more expensive and exquisite. Tourists will also find a number of budget restaurants in the city. El Khalifa and La Mamma are among the mid-range restaurants. The former serves a West African cuisine and the latter specializes in Italian food. There are many smaller restaurants around the city that serve typical Tunisia dishes and other cuisines at affordable rates.

Tunis is a great place for an interesting holiday with its several architectural buildings and rich culture. Walk the streets of the city for the best experience of life in this place. You should also visit the Belvedere Park, which includes the municipal zoo and Museum of Modern Art . The tiny shops in the Medina are the best places to buy collectibles. You may have to bargain to get a good price on these as most of the items are of local origin.


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