Tozeur Travel Guide

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Dar Zargouni

Dar Zargouni

Loacted in the southwest of Tunisia Tozeur is a pretty desert town on the fringes of the salt lake of Chott el-Jerid. It was once one of the Roman outposts and a stopping point for the caravans coming from the sub Sahara to trade with the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Tozeur is world famous for its dates and you will find many palms here. The beauty of this oases, its fabulous 14th century medina and botanical gardens are the main reason to come here. The groves of over 200,000 palms are watered by hundreds of natural springs and the Belvedere park offers a panoramic view.

The medina, restored to its original beauty boasts a an interesting museum, the Dar Chariet. Built in the authentic style of Tunisian palace it displays in a true life setting rare manuscripts, jewelry, ceramics and ornaments as wells as wax figures of the traditional artisans at work. Besides the Dar Chariet museum, the medina, a museum in itself offers another smaller treasure house of ancient coins, doors, bridal apparel and antique weapons. The remarkable architecture of Tozeur, with its Moorish arches and high vaulted ceilings is a treat. Tozeur is good place to hunt for souvenirs. The shops in the medina offer locally woven carpets, Berber jewelry and ornaments.

Tozeur is 450 km south-west of Tunis, 95 km south-west of Gafsa, 90 km west of Kebili, 210 km west of Gabes.

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