Top 5 Must Do's in Tunisia

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Tunisia is a country placed between the stark beauty of the Sahara and the glittering blue of the Mediterranean. The contrast of sand and water provides ensures there are many things on a tourists in Tunisia must do’s list.

Touring the Sahara

Taking a jeep or camel ride into the sandy Sahara is quite a trip for adventurous tourists willing to take the heat. Tourists usually start at the oasis town Tozeur at the edge of the desert. The best tours are overnight and visit the fortified villages called Ksours. Booking a tour in advance is the best method and can cost anywhere from 60TD (Tunisian Dollars) to 150TD. It is possible to hire camels or jeeps and a guide in the city but the quality and price may not be as good.

City of Carthage

15km East of Tunis, Carthage is a historical site visitors must do in Tunisia. Rebuilt after being destroyed by the Romans in 146BC, it is easy to spend an entire day wandering through the various Roman ruins such as the amphitheatre, forums, bathhouses and other sites. It is possible to buy a multiple-entry ticket that allows tourists to wander from one site to another. Be sure to bring money, the ticket is not very expensive, but food, drinks and souvenirs will all add up.

Bardo Museum

For only 6TD plus 1TD to bring a camera into the museum, the Bardo Museum is an inexpensive yet fascinating tourist attraction. The Bardo museum contains one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in Africa, as well as statues, figurines and other Roman, Punic and early Catholic artefacts from all over Tunisia. Built in the 13th century the building itself is fun to explore.

City of Sousse

For a relaxing vacation Sousse is the perfect city of orchards, resorts and sandy beaches. Over 1 million visitors come every year to enjoy the dry summers by lying on the beach or swimming in the Mediterranean. With a host of hotels, clubs, casinos, beaches, and sports there is a lot of modern conveniences for tourists. The museums, traditional bazaars, and the easy routes to historical sites the more activity oriented visitors can also enjoy themselves.

City of Maktar

The ancient city Maktar is renowned for its scenic views as well as the Roman Temples to Jupiter and Apollo. Like Carthage the ruins are quite impressive and deserve to be placed on Tunisia’s must do list.  
Contributed by Daniel Clarke
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