When to Go in Sousse

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Spend Your Vacation in Sousse during Summer


When planning a visit to Sousse, when to go is one of the decisions you'll have to make. An exotic city in Tunisia, Sousse is located in the central region of the country and faces the lovely Gulf of Mammamet, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the scenic view of the sea, many tourists go to Sousse for the holiday. But when is the best time to go to Sousse? Here are the best times to visit this city.

Visit Sousse During Summer

Summer in Sousse goes from May to August, making this a great season to visit. The temperature during summer can go as high as 29 degrees C (84 degrees F), which makes the city fairly warm during the days. Another advantage to visiting Sousse during summer is that you will not be bothered by rain while you are enjoying the city.

Sousse Month-Long Festivities

Sousse plays host to many festivals but the best time to go is during the entire months of July and August since this is the time when the infamous Sousse International Festival is held. Moreover, if you visit Sousse during the month of July, you will also get to experience the Olive Tree Festival held in Kalaa Debira. The dancing and intoxicating sights of the festival run during the entire month of July.


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