Travel Guide in Sousse

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Located along the Mediterranean sea, a Sousse Travel Guide is a great way to make sure you're aware of all the great things to see and do when you take a trip to this region of Tunisia in Africa. Considering tourism is one of the largest influences on the region's economy, you can be assured that the beaches are well kept, the areas are largely safe, and there are plenty of things to see and do while there. Roughly 1.2 million people vacation here each year.


Beaches in Sousse are about as picturesque as they come. Fine white sand and clear blue water surrounded by orchid and olive groves beckon you to come any time of year. The region has hot dry summers and warm mild winters making any time of year ideal for a beach vacation. You'll also find a wide boardwalk-style avenue running along the beach perfect for bicycling, jogging, or other activities.


The areas along the waterfront are also rich with nightlife in the forms of dance clubs, bars, and hotels. The stretch extends roughly 12.5 m/20 km and is catered almost exclusively to tourists. You will also find casinos, sports facilities, and museums here.


Although there are no golf courses in Sousse, there are three courses nearby. One is located in Kantaoui and two in Monastir. They are renowned for their beauty and challenge to skilled golfers.


Known locally as "The Old City," this area is a quadrant of the city marked by narrow, maze-like streets. This area of town serves as the hub for historical icons and attractions. In 1988, UNESCO declared the Medina in Sousse a "World Heritage Site" praising the Medina for it's preservation and lack of modern development. Major sites and points of interest within the Medina include:

  • The Great Mosque. Surprisingly tranquil and sparsely decorated, this religious center was built in 850 A.D. You will need to dress in traditional attire to enter, but green wraps are available for rent or purchase on site.
  • The Mosaic Museum. Located on the edge of the Medina, the area is slowly crumbling.
  • A Traditional Tunisian House. You can find this museum about 200 yards to the north of the main bus terminal. The home became a museum after the last member of this traditional Sousse family with a long heritage passed away. Furnishings date back more than 200 years. A traditional tower inside the home can be climbed to get a bird's eye view of Sousse.
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