Things to Do in Sousse

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Sousse has a lot of history, and visitors can rest assured the list of Sousse things to do will keep them very busy. With a warm Mediterranean climate, Sousse is ideally placed for vacationers wanting to get away from it all.

El Koubba

Built in the 11th century, El Koubba’s zigzag ribbing style is instantly recognizable as it is unlike any other building in Africa. It is a popular museum that shows how ordinary Tunisians lived while part of the Ottoman Empire. The simple household artefacts and scenes of the old homes are all carefully planned to give relevant information in the most interesting way. This attraction is open from Monday to Thursday from 9:30am to 1pm, Saturday 3pm to 5:30pm, and Sunday 10am to 2pm. It costs 2TD to enter and an extra 1TD to take photo’s.   


This fortified monastery is one of several that were built in the 9th century to defend the African coast from Christian invaders. The thick defensive walls, gates and 25 meter tall watchtower are enough to show that the building was made for war. From the watchtower, visitors have a fantastic view of Sousse. At a cost of admittance at 4TD and an extra 1TD for photo’s, Ribat is one of Sousse’s things to do.

Catacombs of the Good Shepard

A few miles outside of Sousse, the Catacombs are said to contain the graves of 15,000 3rd century Christians and stretch for over 5 miles. Brave visitors can only access about 100meters of the caves. Touring the Catacombs shows the burial customs of early Christians, and it is possible to see the skeletons  in a number of the tombs. It’s open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm in summer, and 9am to 5pm in winter.  


Sousse has become famous as a beach resort city. The sandy Boujaffar beach is the best known, stretching for close to 9 miles. It does have a number of private areas preventing people from walking along the entire coast. The cool breeze is welcomed by most visitors, and the beach is often crowded during warm weather with picnickers, beach sports and swimmers.


The old walled section of Sousse is one of the things to do. The buildings are several hundred years old, and while the twisting alleyways can be confusing, there is always something interesting to see unlike anything in modern cities. There are also thousands of vendors with cheaply priced wares for sale.


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